Hey, thanks for stopping by our site.  We appreciate you taking the time to check us out.

“What is Masonic Apparel?” you ask.  Good question.  We are a marketplace for sellers of Masonic goods for Freemasons.  We pride ourselves in offering an affordable solution for Masonic Craftsmen to be able to sell their merchandise.  We strive to find the best suppliers that make the highest quality gear for Freemasons.

A lot has changed in the world over the years, but it seems like many of the styles and sites for Masonic goods are dated back to the late 2oth century.  I know, that is not that long ago, but that is eons ago for fashion and technology.  2 things we like to think we know a bit about around here.

We are still in testing phase, which means that we are not actually selling any of our products quite yet, but feel free to poke around, add things to your cart and create some fake orders.

If you would like more information about becoming one of our initial sellers, please contact support@masonicapparel.net

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